Walter Robinson: the artist and former editor-in-chief of ArtNet Magazine talks about: being an artist in the East Village scene of the 80s; what it's like being an art critic, including the responsibilities of an art critic/journalist vs. being an artist; selling off some of his own collection; and his own work over the years, including his successful show this past spring at LynchTham gallery on the Lower East Side.


  Gin_2013_acrylic_on_linen_16_x_20           Fernandos_bakery_gourmet_iced_lemon_cake_2013_acrylic_on_paper_12_x_9_in

_for_web_4walter_robinson_on_the_roof_of_149_wooster_in_soho_1975_by_artist_peter_grass                   Walter_robinson_by_timothy_greenfield_sanders_2013


Past Episodes:

Tom Muller on: having a studio visit in which a dealer told him he wasn't properly branded for his type of work; growing up in South Africa, Switzerland, and Seattle; managing time as an artist with a kid; and showing outside of L.A., including Denver and D.C.


  Iamthesuit_sm   Vulture_5  

  End_world_down                     Sl_overall1


Charlie White is willing to talk about the objective. He(we) discuss: Larry Clark; Charlie's project Casting Call; the image(s) of adolescence, from Dana Plato's Kimberly Drummond to Brooke Shields; on working with institutions instead of galleries. With Karl Haendel as guest host.


 03_plum  Pair1_final_for_web_

 Boy_final.jpeg_for_web  Icon_2_sm


Sharon Louden, a Brooklyn as well as a Minneapolis-based artist behind the much-talked about book, "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists." She can be followed via @loudenstudio on Twitter.


 Community_install_detail_2_for_web   Community_install_detail_1_for_webAt_sotheby_s_institute_laAt_moca_cleveland     Books_in_the_hirshhorn_book_store    

Cole Case, Los Angeles-based painter, on: being a political cartoonist in his adolescence/young adulthood; the challenges of transitioning into fine art; going back to (art) school at 35 (and subsequently leaving his job and ending his marriage); and surviving through some eviscerating art critiques, from Tim Ebner and Fred Fehlau, among others. Dealer Deb Klowden Mann co-hosts.

 Cryingsuzonwithhornets     Julesandsaltmonster Crying_jules_with__gorn_for_web_


Smilee Barnacle, owner of Barnacle Bros. Sculpture & Custom Fabrication:  Smilee talks about how he got into art/sculpture fabrication, what his projects are like, and how and how NOT to cultivate new clients. (Episode was originally broadcast on KCHUNG Radio).


 Alejandro_diaz_world_s_largest_cardboard_sign              Barnacle_bros_ac_hippo     


 Max Presneill, artist and director of the Torrance Art Museum: on being a roadie; making the move from England to the States; his evolution as a curator; his penetratingly honest studio visits; his disastrous interview for entrance into Goldsmiths College.

 Presneill_leto_ll                     Presneill_be_silent



Karl Haendel: on his recent experience being in the Whitney Biennial; and various studio visit stories. Margie Schnibbe - artist, The Conversation Podcast, and KCHUNG vet - co-hosts.  (this was The Conversation's first show on KCHUNG radio)

Haendel_2014_whitneybiennial01_collins_lores    Haendel_2014_whitneybiennial01_orcutt_lores

New Segment on The Conversation: "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You..."

Do you have a story of a disastrous studio visit, major show mishap, miscommunication with an influential figure, or anything along those lines? Even NOT art-related? We'd love you to share it with The Conversation.  You can do so one of two ways:  via email- theconverationpod(at)gmail(dot)com  OR, even better, you can leave a message on the dedicated voice mail: (424)256-6618.


Samantha Fields: on airbrush painting and the culture of airbrush; teaching at Cal. State Northridge and Miss Sam's Charm School, in which she teaches her students about artist etiquette; and the series of studio visits that didn't and then did lead to her gallery represenation.

 Study_burst_       Leitmotif_santamonica

5._stduio_1        3._studio



Dani Tull:   on... growing up in Hollywood from a multi-generational artist family; going to San Francisco Art Institute; his large-scale project about model homes and commodification of lifestyle; the culture and practice of Ayahuasca; showing with Blum & Poe; and acquiring the only two autographs he's ever cared to get, from two intriguing behemoths of their fields.

 D.tull_detail_of_smog_of_the_godz_copy     Pinkdream_copy_conversation_site  Dani_tull_5_for_conversation_site     D_tull_convergence2_for_conversation_site




Christian Tedeschi: on living in Detroit and 'Object Orange;' the perils of applying for faculty jobs; working for Chris Burden; and the realities of being an artist.

 Hoodie_hoodie_resin_stone             Suspended_animation_superman_costume_resin_steel            Hair_soap_shower           


Christian_tedeschi_for_upload.jpg             Pewb_church_pew_wood_broom_bristle_paint_brush_bristle_pubic_hair


 Amir H. Fallahtalks about his family's emigration from Iran, his creation of Beautiful/Decay (the zine/magazine), his work ethic, and his work, including "The Collected" series.

Asp008555    Asp008593

Asp008446  The_blingring


Oliver McIrwin: from his solo show at ACE gallery straight out of school, to an exodus from the art world for a career in engineering, and everything in between.

Oliver_mcirwin_self_repairing_table._1999                           Oliver_mcirwin_i_m_never_going_home._bucket_water_floating_monitor_fan_vcr_wires 

                             Self-Repairing Table (1999)                                                 I'm Never Going Home (1999)

As an engineer, Oliver has worked for WET Design, the company that made the fountains of the Bellagio, and is now doing electrical engineering for a 3d printing company called Solid Concepts.

Here are videos of some of his work:

Short Teaser for Aquaculture exhibit at Aran Cravey Gallery

Plant That Dances To The Macarena At Statlter Waldorf Gallery

His MFA exhibition:


 The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 5: Language in Art, Hypertext, and Funny money, with Alexandra Grant and Susan Silton


Susan_silton_in_everything_there_is_a_trace_drawn_to_language_installation                      Grant_self_i_was_born_to_love_not_to_hate_2012

Susan Silton: "in everything there is a trace," installation, 2013         Alexandra Grant, "Self (I was born to love not to hate)" 2012  


 The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 4: Monday-morning quarterbacking with Philip Martin and Aaron Morse


Aaron Morse and Philip Martin in 2003; the gallery facade.                                                          


  Etiquette expert and painter Lizzie Post answers questions about Art World etiquette






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