Episode Index

Bonus 360A (for Patreon supporters): Valerie Werder's life in shoplifting

360. Valerie Werder (part 2)- how to navigate class and downward mobility

359. Journalist Bianca Bosker- a "normie philistine" dives into the art world in "Get the Picture"

358. Valerie Werder (part 1), recovering art worker and author of novel Thieves

357. Seattle-based artist Debra Broz

356. Chris Wiley- Zombie Formalism, Debt Aesthetics & AI

355.  BONUS epis.: artist & musician Doug Burns

354. 'The Art Thief,' the remarkable story of art's most prolific stealer, with author Michael Finkel

353. BONUS Epis: Land acknowledgements, why museum workers are quitting, and more, with Co-Host Deb Klowden Mann

352. BONUS Epis: 352- Bay Area artist Cathy Lu on ceramics, bi-coastal living and her Kohler Arts residency

351. 'Money on the Wall'- veteran co-host Deb Klowden Mann joins to discuss New Yorker profile of legendary dealer Larry Gagosian

350. BONUS (for Patreon subscribers): Alexis Rockman on climate change and--food consumption, air travel, and kids...

349. Narsiso Martinez: his long journey from Oaxaca thru the produce fields to full-time artist

347. Alexis Rockman on 'owning' natural history in art

345. House Hunting with a Billionaire: Hungarian artist Andi Schmied and billionaire Gabriela

344. Art advisor Lisa Schiff- re-release of Episode 99 from 2015

343. NYC artist Nancy Blum

342. Bonus Epis- Stefanie Kogler-Heimburger,Kunstmuseum Reutlingen

341. Class Issues'- on artists and class with Berlin artist Norbert Witzgall

The Conversation Midway- between 340 & 341- on the art services industry

340. Bryan Cooke, veteran art services professional & author of Art Can Kill

339A. Teaser/Preview for Art Can Kill- the Art World's Clowns, Crooks & Connoisseurs

338. Arts writer and former professional surfer Jamie Brisick

337. 14th installment of the podcast’s Virtual Café, on politics in art

336. Writer and cultural critic William Deresiewicz, author of The Death of the Artist

335. Mashed potatoes hurled at Monet, Artists being replaced by AI Robots, a Bad Studio Visit cartoon, and new email etiquette for the Uffizi Gallery, with a very special guest-host

334. Oakland-based curator and arts administrator Zoë Taleporos

333. Amsterdam-based artist Tjebbe Beekman

332. U. of Michigan Art Historian Joan Kee on Korean contemporary art, emojis and more

331. ICA San Diego director Andrew Utt

330. Cole Sternberg, painter and creator of the conceptual art 'Free Republic of California'

329. Ben Davis on the Ordinary World Record Egg, immersive at and more

328. Ben Davis, Artnet News National Art Critic, on his book Art in the After-Culture

327. Val Zavala, retired arts & culture TV host, on extinction circles

326. New York art appraiser David Shapiro

325. Immersive art exhibits, with painter and Artechouse 'host' Kate Sharkey

324. Maria Brito, NYC-based art advisor and entrepeneur

323. Dave Kinsey, Vista (San Diego County)-based artist: post-graffiti, post-skate art

322. 'Guest-less' episode 2: Profound effects on the art market, ‘Rich-Kid’ art, and a painting of a polar bear

321. James Griffith, part 2 of 2 (working as an artist assistant, and Zen focus)

320. James Griffith, Altadena (L.A. County)-based painter working in tar

319. Sarah Thibault, San Francisco-based artist and artist residency hopper

318. Andrew Russeth, art writer living in Seoul, Korea (former editor of ArtNews)

317. The Invisible Labor of museums, and how exhibition rooms are 'suspensions of common sense.' Fernando Dominguez Rubio, part 3

316. Why MoMA goes to great lengths to recreate what’s dying or what was thought to exist only in the past- Fernando Dominguez Rubio, part 2

315. Fernando Dominguez Rubio, author of Still Life: Ecologies of the Modern Imagination at the Art Museum, part 1

314. Oligarch Shortage & the Cinema of Transgression: the Guest-Less Episode

313. on Sam Francis, part 2 with Gabrielle Selz

312. Gabrielle Selz, author of Light on Fire: the Art and Life of Sam Francis, part 1

311. Sydney Croskery, part 2: finding a gallerist on IG, and an intense day job

310. Sydney Croskery, Los Angeles-based abstract painter, part 1

309. Yoshino, part 2

308. Yoshino of Artist Decoded podcast, part 1

307. Antonio Murado, a Spanish painter living in New York

306. Hannah Wohl, part 6: collector disconnect, and why artists need constraints

305. Hannah Wohl, part 5: how we talk about art, and how artists emerge

304. Art & memes with Virtual Cafe special guest Rose Briccetti

303. Hannah Wohl part 4: how Status Signals function in the art world

302. Hannah Wohl, part 3 of 6, on artists, collectors, and artist-collector dynamics

301. Hannah Wohl, author of "Bound by Creativity," on collectors

300. "Bound by Creativity" with sociologist Hannah Wohl (part 1 of 6)

299. Melissa Stern, NYC artist and writer

298. Doug Beube, Brooklyn-based photographer and books sculptor

297. Sharon Butler, painter and creator/publisher of Two Coats of Paint

296. Jennifer Moon- from micro to macro, from drug benders to Made in L.A., and from Revolution to a professorship

295. L.A. photographer Rakeem Cunningham from Flickr to Tumblr to IG and beyond...

294. the Art of Art Forgery with writer and law professor Clay Small

293. Mitchell Chan on Yves Klein, cryptocurrencies and the Void (and yes: NFTs)

292. the chirp-less crickets of Kauai: artist/choreographer Madeline Hollander on her Whitney Museum show ‘Flatwing’

291. How did he make that??! Making a(n almost) comfortable living via #ArtistSupport Pledge: Lee Wagstaff, Virtual Cafe #10

290. renovating an apartment in Havana. Artist Katarina Wong, part 2 of 2

289. Can an artist get completely immersed in the making? Katarina Wong, part 1 of 2

288. Being a Museum Director during the Trump era- Laura Raicovich, former director of the Queens Museum

287. Can art workers organize? Artist, writer and art world worker Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein on forming a union and more in the Virtual Cafe

286. Curator and NYU Professor Miriam Basilio on breaking a museum race barrier

285. Matthew Burrows, painter and creator (and user) of Artist Support Pledge

284. Best-of’ episode with Carolina Miranda, culture writer for the Los Angeles Times

283. Colleen Hargaden, L.A. artist, on sustainability in advance of the apocalypse, the perils of an artist-run space, and 100+ - person crits

282. Nato Thompson on "the Indig-Nation" in our Virtual Cafe

281. Steve Lambert (part 2 of 2)

280. Steve Lambert (part 1 of 2), artist and co-found of Center for Artistic Activism

279. NYC artist Michelle Vaughan on inbreeding among the Habsburgs and a 'Movement of Women'

278. L.A. sculptor Alicia Piller on navigating a career and her workaholism

277. NY critic Seph Rodney on his journey as an outsider on the inside

276. Greg Allen on 'Naked Stratification...part 2 of 2

275. Greg Allen of Greg.org- blogger, collector, filmmaker, artist...part 1 of 2

274. "A Delightful Nightmare," LARP-ing with Till Wittwer and Netta Sadovsky

273. Forrest Kirk, L.A.-based painter on ascending the art world

272. Ayana Evans, NYC, an honest take on being a black woman performance artist

271. Kate Mothes, independent curator and founder of Young Space

270. Joanne Greenbaum, NYC artist on surviving and thriving as an artist

269. William Powhida, part 2 of 2- On the Future of Art

268. William Powhida, part 1 of 2- on Complicity and Activism

267. SoCal artist and professor Elizabeth Folk on performance art tropes

266. Danielle Baskin, SF-based artist and co-creator of Quarantine Chat

265. On Jordan Wolfson's 'Hot and Toxic' art with guest co-host Deb Klowden Mann

264. COVID-19 Special with co-host Deb Klowden Mann

263. Alex Strada, NYC-based artist and adjunct professor

262. Amy Kisch, Bay Area curator of Art+Action and formerly Sotheby's

261. Interim co-host Deb Klowden Mann-- a one-on-one chat

260. Sara Frantz, painter and professor at Cal State San Luis Obispo

259. Carl Baratta, L.A. painter and co-director of T.S.A. L.A.

258. the 'Meta' episode; people behind The Conversation talk about search for a co-host

257. Nick Brown, L.A. painter & director of Davyd Whaley Foundation

256. Sarah Friend, Berlin-based digital artist and software engineer

255. Laura Krifka, San Luis Obispo-based painter & professor

254. Ingrid LaFleur, Detroit-based curator, artist, Afrofuturist

253. Lauren van Haaften-Schick, artists rights & contracts expert

252. Oakland-based artist Ann Schnake

251. Berlin-based Greek artist Valentina Karga

250. Turning Studio Art into socially engaged art

249. Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield gallery, Internet art and the Blockchain

248. Cassie Thornton, Give Me Cred! and the Feminist Economics Department

247. Max Haiven, Art After Money, Money After Art(Part 4, the final chapter)

246. Paolo Cirio, New York and Europe-based artist

245. Samuel Harvey. Aspen, Colorado artist and gallerist

244. Renny Pritikin. "Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene"

243. Max Haiven. Art After Money, Money After Art(Part 3)

242. Max Haiven. Art After Money, Money After Art(Part 2)

241. Natasha Degen, chair of Art Market Studies at FIT

240. Max Haiven. Art After Money, Money After Art(Part 1)

239. Rainey Knudson(Part 2)

238. Rainey Knudson, publisher/ed. of Glasstire (Part 1)

237. Anna Schachte

236. Jeff Weiss of OLD NEWS, aka Weisslink – 2nd appearance

235. Nick Ravich of Art21.Art in the 21st Century

234. Simon Leung, of UC Irvine

233. Kristin Haring(Donum Estate Winery, part 3 of 3)

232. Art Advice.Ianna Frisby and Gioia Fonda

231. Jennifer Blei Stockman and Debi Wisch. 'The Price of Everything'

230. Daniel Oglander

229. Richard Hudson(Donum Estate Winery, part 2 of 3)

228. Jordan Seiler

227. Douglas White(Donum Estate Winery, part 1 of 3)

226. Brigitte Mulholland

225. Marcus Civin

224. Joshua Citarella (Part 2)

223. Joshua Citarella (Part 1)

222. Hein Koh

221. Robin Cembalest

220. Lucas Spivey

219. Margaret Carrigan

218. Lee Wagstaff

217. Courtney Childress

216. Hilde Lynn Helphenstein

215. Anna Stothart

214. Jenny Danielsson

213. Katrina Neumann

212. Denise Markonish

211. Scott Ogden

210. Dan Fox, ofFrieze. "Pretentiousness, Why It Matters"

209. Claire Carter

208. Stef Halmos

207. Chris Kallmyer

206. Jeff Greenspan

205. Gracie Mansion

204. Nina Katchadourian

203. Sara Maria Salamoneand Tyler Lafreniere. MRS. Gallery

202. Ellen Harvey

201. David Maisel

200. Maya Gurantz

199. Matt Starr

198. Jimi Dams

197. Kate McQuillen

196. Matthew Gardocki(w/co-host Deb Klowden Mann)

195. Jean Shin

194. Grayson Earle

193. Will Cotton

192. Rebecca Morgan

191. Tim Schneider(w/co-host Deb Klowden Mann)

189. Ann Lindberg

188. Guy Richards Smit

187. Steven Eastwood

186. Lisa C Soto

185. Lindsey White

184. Julia Cole

183. Alisha Kerlin

182. Kysa Johnson  (Part 2)

181. Kysa Johnson(Part 1)

180. Hollie Ecker

179. Lisi Raskin

178. Maysha Mohammedi

177. Matt Gonzalez

176. Jonn Herschend

175. Justin Favela

174. De Nichols

173. Jennifer Dalton

172. Casey Jex Smith

171. Claire Colette

170. Adriane Herman

169. Hilary Pecis

168. Lauren Kaplan

167. John Walter

166. Mat Gleasonpart 2

165. Mat Gleasonpart 1  (w/co-host Deb Klowden Mann)

164. Stacey Fabrikant

163. David Prince

162. Ryan Wallace

161. Deborah Fisher

160. Emily Colucci

159. Ann Lewis

158. Jessica Lynne

157. Fee Plumley

156. Sherman Sam

155. Andrew Goldstein, editor-in-chief of Artspace

154. Lauren Seiden

153. Nato Thompson, part 2

152. Nato Thompson, part 1

151. Lauren Marinaro

150. Jessica Backus

149. William J. Simmons

148. Alicia Eler

147. Caitlyn Masley

146. Christen Clifford

145. David Hilliard

144. Jim Gaylord

143. Priscilla Frank

142. Kadar Brock

141. Michelle Grabner

140. Emma Hanley

139. Amanda Yates Garcia

138. Ben Davis

137. Anthony Greaney

136. Shara Hughes

135. Max Maslansky

134. Jacques Louis Vidal

133. Stephen Westfall

132. Thomas Micchelli

131. Sarah Cain

130. Jennifer Sullivan

129. Helen Toomer

128. Mark Thomas Gibson

127. Adam Shecter

126. Kim Abeles

125. Colleen Asper

124. Alison Kuo

123. Austin Thomas

122. Eileen Cowin

121. Andrew Russeth

120. Ted Mineo

119. Steve Shane

118. Jeff Weiss

117. Irena Jurek

116. David Robbins

115. Zak Smith

114. Roger White

113. Live event with Katie Bode, Stephanie Pryor & Matt Stromberg

112. Julio Cesar Morales

111. Tulsa Kinney

110. Carolina Miranda

109. Marco Rios

108. Carrie Paterson

107. Christian Viveros Faune  (return guest)

106. 'The Crit' featuring 5 alums of Michael Asher's Post-Studio seminar

105. Liat Yossifor

104. Sarah Thornton

103. David Pagel  (with co-host Deb Klowden Mann)

102. Kelsey Lee Offield

101. Joshua Dildine

100. Lester Monzon

99. Lisa Schiff

98. William Powhida

97. Kristen Morgin

96. Charlie James

95. Paddy Johsnon

94. Christian Viveros-Faune

95. Hrag Vartanian

94. John Melick

93. Adam Sheffer

92. Jerry Saltz

91. Kate Wolf

90. Walter Robinson

89. Tom Muller

88. Charlie White

87. Sharon Louden

86. Cole Case  (w/co-host Deb Klowden Mann)

85. Smilee Barnacle

84. Max Presneil

83. Karl Haendel  (live episode on KCHUNG radio)

82. Samantha Fields

81. Dani Tull

80. Christian Tedeschi

79. Amir Fallah

78. Oliver McIrwin

77. the Conversation 3-Way, Episode 5  (Alexandra Grant, Susan Silton)

76. the Conversation 3-Way, Episode 4  (Philip Martin, Aaron Morse)

75. Lizzie Post

74. The Conversation 3-way, epis. 3  (Julian Hoeber, Jen Collins)

73. Jillian Steinhauer

72. Dan Cameron

71. Nicole Klagsbrun

70. Tyler Green

69. The Conversation 3-way, epis. 2, part 2  (Robin O'Neal, Ed Schad)

68. The Conversation 3-way, epis. 2, part 1  (Iva Georguieva, Robin O'Neal, Ed Schad)

67. The Conversation 3-Way, epis. 1 with Aaron Morse, Karl Haendel

66. Anna Sew Hoy

65. Carter Mull

64. Richard Jackson

63. Night Gallery  (Davida Nemeroff, Mieke Marple)

62. Dean Valentine

61. Michael Ned Holte

60. Kristina Wong

59. Amanda Ross-Ho

58. Erik Frydenborg

57. Micol Hebron

56. Matt Johnson

55. Chris Lipomi

54. Drew Heitzler

53. Erin Cosgrove

52.  Jessica Silverman

51. Jonas Wood

50. Ry Rocklen

49. Lily Siegel

48. Robyn O'Neil

47. Corrina Peipon

46. Brian Sharp

45. Charlie Kitchings

44. Brian Butler

43. Iva Georguieva

42. Anthony Pearson

41. Dave Muller

40. Julian Hoeber

39. Debra Scacco

38. Eric Yahnker

37. Rebecca Morris

36. Karl Haendel

35. Deborah Grant

34. Vishal Judegeo

33. Jacob Kassay

32. Steve Roden, part 2

31. Steve Roden, part 1

30. Sandeep Muhkerjee

29. Brian Bress

28.  Lily McElroy

27. Kristin Calabrese

26. Skip Arnold

25. Heather Brown

24. Kevin Appel

23. Zefrey Throwell

22. Analia Saban

21. Charles Irvin

20. Aaron Morse

19. Eric Wesley

18. Alice Konitz

17. Zach Harris

16.  Matthias Merkel Hess

15. Margie Schnibbe

14. Fay Ray

13. Juan Capistran

12. Fritz Chesnut

11. Amy Sarkisian

10. John Bauer

9.  Eli Langer

8. Zoe Crosher

7. Christopher Michlig

6.  Adam D. Miller

5. Aaron Sandness

4. Molly Larkey

3. Eben Goff

2. Rowan Wood

1. Bari Zipperstein  (w/co-host Geoff Tuck)


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